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Tally Solutions, Dec-02-2019

GST Software Overview

With GST in place, you might be looking for GST Billing Software and it's features. Tally is offering Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 as a GST Ready Software, it's having all the features right from GST Billing to GST Returns, Error Detections & corrections, and many more.

Why businesses need GST Software?

  • Suppliers will record all the purchases (goods and services including other business expense purchases) made by you apart from ITC on your goods, you are eligible to avail ITC for purchased services and other business expense purchase of goods and services. Now you have to be very careful about your expense purchase bills, purchase with GST bill as a business rather than as a consumer.
  • Choose your suppliers carefully to avail ITC smoothly. Similarly, your customers will choose you based on your compliance readiness, hence use best GST Software. They might see how well you have adopted technology, how you will be able to reconcile without discrepancies. How in GSTRegime you will file your returns without much of errors, so that they can easily reconcile with you and avail ITC.
  • Customers may ask for invoice upload at the time of making a purchase "Buyer gets input credit ONLY if seller pays GST" considering this you will start getting request from your customers to upload your sales invoice on GSTN. Customer will ask you to do so, to prevent themselves from any kind of disputes at a later stage. By having a best GST Software in India you can easily manage all this very easily.
  • You may need to get involved in matching transaction activity, while your Tax Return Preparer will continue to file your returns. There might be situations where your records may not match with your suppliers/customers and same will be intimated to you in Form 2A/1A. Now, you have to reconcile all such mismatch with your suppliers/customers. As you know your business, you can easily connect with your suppliers and manage the same.
  • Information exchange between you and your TRP will increase. Now, it's not like monthly once you can share your data with TRP as in most of the cases currently, but now you might be sharing data multiple times with your TRP as you will be reconciling mismatch with your suppliers/customers which will lead to changes in data.
  • You need to upload all your outward supplies including cash sales (First level distributor and second level distributor) As department is aware of all your purchases, mismatch in stock in hand and outward supply, may lead to departmental scrutiny. Department will come to know when your inward stock is not showing corresponding outward stock

Tally's GST Software Features

  • Start GST billing in a few minutes using Tally.ERP 9 Release 6

Just follow three easy steps and generate your GST bills from Tally.ERP 9

    • Enable GST
    • Start entering GST Registration details, tax rates, and create tax ledgers
    • Create and print sales invoices
  • All GST transactions and scenarios are supported in Tally's GST-Ready Software

    • Handles all your GST invoicing needs, whether it is simple invoices or advanced ones with multi-Item, multi-tax rates and so on. Tally.ERP 9 helps you prevent any incompleteness or errors. Print error-free GST invoices right from the beginning!
    • Reverse Charge for all kinds of Business scenarios
    • Advance Receipts and Payments
    • Invoices for Branch Transfers, in case you have multiple branches
    • Tax Payments for all your indirect taxes
    • Journal adjustments (Input Tax Credit opening balance, utilize Input Tax Credit, utilize cash)
    • Bill of Supply for Composite Dealers
    • Invoices for Export businesses
  • Quickly reconcile with suppliers, and get rightful input tax credit

    • Use Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, our GST software to easily detect cases where suppliers missed uploading invoices or if there are any mismatches. Highlight such slippages to your suppliers to avail rightful input tax credit.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction to get continuous business

    • Keep track of invoices pending for upload and do your part to ensure that your customers get their rightful input tax credit. Enhance their satisfaction in doing business with you.
  • Minimize the chances of GST return rejection

    • Quickly detect and correct any mismatches or missing information using Tally's GST software before uploading to GSTN. Save yourself from any last minute surprises in the form of GST return rejections on the GSTN portal.
  • Experience hassle-free GST returns

    • Avoid the pain of segregating invoice-wise information as required by GST return forms. Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, our GST software helps you automatically fill your returns based on the type and value of transactions.
  • Conveniently file GST returns

    • Simply export your GST returns in MS Excel format from our GST-ready software and share with your CA or Tax Practitioner, or file it yourself by converting data into JSON format using the external utility shared by GSTN.

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