Saudi VAT Return Format


Yarab A, Feb-04-2020

All the businesses who are registered under Saudi VAT should file the VAT return either on monthly or on a quarterly basis. The VAT returns must be filed electronically by logging into the General Authority of Zakat and TAX (GZAT) portal. The businesses are required to provide the details of sales, purchases/expenses, Output VAT and Input VAT in the prescribed VAT return format by GAZT.

To know more about VAT return filing period in Saudi Arabia, please read 'VAT Return Filing Period'.

The VAT return format prescribed by GAZT is broadly categorized into 2 sections, the first of which deals with VAT on sales (output VAT) and the second one deals with VAT on purchases (input VAT).

In this article, we will understand the VAT return format and details to be provided. The VAT return format is designed to include the following details which registered businesses are required to declare:

  • Taxpayer’s details: This contains details such as Tax Identification Number (TIN), VAT account number and address. These details will be auto-populated.

  • Standard rated sales: You need to capture the value of supplies (sales) and output VAT collected during the return period. Also, any VAT liability arising out of reverse charge, need to be captured here.

  • Private Healthcare / Private Education / First house sales to citizens: According to the newly amended VAT laws, on the supply of private healthcare/private education to Saudi citizens, VAT need not be charged in the invoice. The VAT burden will be borne by the government. Similarly, VAT burden on citizens' first home up to a value of 850,000 SAR will be borne by the government. Any supplies pertaining as mentioned above nature will have to be reported here.

  • Zero-rated domestic sales:Notified goods like qualifying medicines and medical equipment are zero-rated even if supplied within the kingdom. Such supplies need to be captured here.

  • Exports: Supplies outside the kingdom are zero-rated and only the value of such supplies needs to be reported here.

  • Exempt sales:Notified supplies like qualifying financial services and residential real estate are exempted from the VAT and such supplies needs to be captured here.

  • Standard rated domestic purchases:You need to declare the value of purchases incurred on which you are eligible to recover Input Tax and the amount of Recoverable Input Tax in the VAT return period. Please note, the value of input tax credit which is restricted or which you are not eligible to claim should be reduced from the total and only the net value needs to be mentioned.

  • Imports subject to VAT paid at customs:Imports on which VAT is paid at the time of customs clearance needs to be captured.

  • Imports subject to VAT accounted for through the reverse charge mechanism:Other than imports on which VAT is paid at the customs, all other imports needs to be captured here. This includes import of services and import of goods declared in customs but VAT payment need to be made while filing returns.

  • Zero-rated purchases:Zero-rated purchases need to be captured like the purchase of qualifying medicines and medical equipment’s etc.

  • Exempt purchases:Purchase of goods or services which are exempted from VAT need to be reported.

Click here to download the VAT Return Format

Apart from the details discussed above, certain boxes contain 'Adjustment' column to report any adjustments related to return of goods sold in previous return period, bad debts write-off etc. To know more about box-wise details in filing Saudi VAT Return, please read 'How to file Saudi VAT return'.

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