Change in business details to be notified to FTA


Tally Solutions, Feb-05-2020


A business keeps growing and expanding constantly. In this process, it is important for businesses in UAE to be cognizant of the impact of changes in the business on compliance under VAT rules. Let us understand the type of business changes which have an impact on a business’s compliance under VAT and the steps to be taken in each case.

The changes in a business which impact compliance under VAT can be categorized into 2 types:

  • Change in account details
  • Change in business circumstances

Let us understand these in detail.

Change in business details

This type of change is applicable to persons who are registered under VAT in UAE. When there are changes in their account details maintained with the FTA, it is important that these changes should be notified to the FTA. The FTA will amend the VAT registration accordingly.

Some examples of changes in account details, which should be notified to the FTA are:

  • Name or trading name of the business
  • Composition of a partnership
  • Address of the principal place of business
  • Primary business activity or activities
  • Bank account details of the business or
  • Details of Customs registration

Certain changes in account details, such as business activities, customs registration information, can be changed online by logging in to the FTA portal. These changes and how to make these changes are explained in detail in our article 'Online amendment of registration details'.

Certain other changes in account details, such as address of the principal place of business, bank account details, have to be notified in writing to the FTA. These changes have been explained in detail in our article 'Amendment of details blocked for online modification'.

Change in business circumstances

There are certain changes which occur in a business which lead to a change in the business's circumstances materially. Examples of such changes are:

  • The business ceases to be eligible for an exception from registration
  • The business ceases trading or
  • Certain taxable activities cease for any reason

These changes in business circumstances will result in a requirement to register under VAT or cancellation of registration.

Administrative penalty for failure to notify FTA of business changes

It is a taxable person’s responsibility to ensure that the information on which their registration is based, is accurate and up to date. In the event of a change in business details, whether it is a change in account details or change in business circumstances, the taxable person should notify the FTA of the change, in the relevant manner. In case a change in business details is not notified to the FTA, a penalty could be levied. The administrative penalty for failure to notify the FTA of business changes is as follows:

Violation Administrative penalty
Failure by a registrant to inform the FTA of any circumstance that requires amendment of the information in the Tax Records kept by the FTA 5,000 for the first time 15,000 in case of repetition

Hence, it is essential that taxable persons should ensure to inform the FTA in the event of a change in their business details. This change can be a change in account details or a change in business circumstances. Based on the type of change in business details, appropriate actions to notify the FTA need to be taken.

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